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World Cup 2022 after changing the Iranian flag on social media to indicate suspport for demonstrators | Iran demand that the United States be boosted out of the 2022

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World Cup 2022

World Cup 2022, Iran demands that the United States be booted out of the 2022 World Cup after changing the Iranian flag on social media to indicate support for demonstrators.

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Iran’s official media has called for the United States to be booted out of the World Cup 2022 after the US Soccer Federation altered Iran’s flag on its social media channels to demonstrate support for Iranian demonstrators.

The federation had momentarily displayed Iran’s national flag without the Islamic Republic’s insignia on its official Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook profiles on World Cup 2022. On Saturday at the World Cup 2022, a now-deleted graphic of the Group B standings showed the Iranian flag in simply its green, white, and red colors.

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On Sunday, US Soccer informed OKBET that it intended to modify the official flag for 24 hours to demonstrate “support for the women in Iran fighting for fundamental human rights,” but that it would always return to the original banner.

According to OKBET, the alteration was “a one-time graphic.” “The major flag is on our website and in other locations.” On US Soccer’s social media sites, the symbol is presently back on the flag.

According to a State Department official for the World Cup 2022, the US Soccer decision to replace Iran’s flag on its social media accounts to indicate solidarity for demonstrators in Iran was not coordinated with the State Department.

“On the field, we are looking forward to a pleasant and competitive contest.” The US “continues to seek methods to assist the Iranian people in the face of state-sponsored brutality against women and a violent crackdown on peaceful demonstrators at the World Cup 2022” the State Department told OKBET.

According to Iranian official media, the United States should be booted out of the tournament and penalized for ten games for displaying a “distorted representation” of the country’s flag.

“By tweeting a distorted picture of the Islamic Republic of #Iran’s flag on its official account, the #US football team violated, for which a 10-game ban is the proper punishment,” Iran’s state-run Tasnim news agency tweeted on Sunday. “Team #USA should be disqualified from the WorldCup2022.”

FIFA did not react quickly to CNN’s request for comment. Iran and the United States meet in a key Group B encounter on Tuesday. If the US wants to advance to the knockout rounds, it must win this tie.

Iran is competing in the World Cup despite internal strife. Volker Turk, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, has said that the nation is in a “full-fledged human rights crisis” as authorities crack down on anti-regime dissidents.

Protests and violence, seen by analysts as the most serious since the inception of clerical rule during the 1979 Iranian Revolution, have rocked Iran in recent months, threatening the very essence of the country’s system, which has been in power for more than 40 years at the World Cup 2022.

It was spurred by the death of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old woman who died after being imprisoned by Iran’s morality police for allegedly failing to follow the country’s strict clothing code. Iranian security forces have retaliated violently.

Klinsmann’s views have been labeled “outrageous.”

The latest squabble follows a day of squabbles before of the two sides’ Group B showdown in Doha at the Al Thumama Stadium.

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US Soccer’s decision occurred on the same day that former US Men’s National Team (USMNT) head coach Jurgen Klinsmann said that he would attempt to meet with Iran’s manager, Carlos Queiroz, to “cool things down” after Klinsmann’s statements against Iran’s culture were labeled “outrageous remarks.”

Following Iran’s 2-0 victory against Wales on Friday, Klinsmann participated in a BBC panel discussion chaired by Queiroz on Iran’s approach toward soccer at the World Cup 2022.

“That’s their culture and their way of doing things, and that’s why Carlos Queiroz fits in extremely well with the Iranian national team,” Klinsmann added. “In South America, he struggled. He failed to qualify Colombia, then Egypt, and then he returned shortly before the World Cup to manage Iran, where he had previously worked for a long, long time.

“This is not an accident. This is all done on purpose. This is just a part of their culture. They play it that way, and they work the referee. You could hear the bench always hopping off, always working the fourth, the linesmen, and the fourth referee on the sideline. On the field, they’re always in your face.”

“This is their culture,” the 1990 World Cup champion said, “and they sort of make you forget your focus and attention and what’s truly essential to you.”

Queiroz reacted to Klinsmann in a series of tweets on Saturday.

“Even though you don’t know me personally, you question my character with a usual biased superiority judgment,” Queiroz wrote. “No matter how much I admire what you performed on the field, your comments on Iran culture, the Iranian national team, and my players are a disgrace to football.” Nobody can jeopardize our honesty unless it is at our level, of course.”

“As Americans/Germans, we understand your lack of support,” Queiroz continued. No worries. And, despite your awful words on BBC attempting to discredit our efforts, sacrifices, and abilities, we assure you that we will not make any judgements about your culture, heritage, or background, and that you will always be welcome in our Family.”

In a statement, the Iran Football Federation asked Klinsmann apologize and resign from his FIFA position on the Qatar World Cup 2022 Technical Study Group. Iran said that it had requested “urgent clarity on this topic” from FIFA.

CNN contacted FIFA for comment but did not get a response at the time of publishing.

Klinsmann stated on BBC Breakfast on Sunday, “There was things that was completely taken out of context.” I’ll attempt to contact him and settle things down. I’ve never been critical of Carlos or the Iranian bench. Some felt I was attacking the referee since he did nothing about their behavior on the bench.

“All I depicted was their emotional approach to things, which is great in some ways at the World Cup 2022.” The whole bench is engrossed in the game. They’re bouncing about, and Carlos is an emotional coach. He’s always on the sidelines, giving his teammates all of his energy and guidance.”

Klinsmann was invited to Team Melli Camp in Doha for a talk on World Cup 2022″millennial Persian culture and the principles of football and sport,” according to the federation.

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