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Brazilian Football so popular across the world | Why football popular? Swag? Success? 2022

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Brazilian Football

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Brazilian Footbal first World Cup victory was celebrated by a massive crowd. And the vast majority of them were not even Brazilians. There are low-flying F-16s and almost 60,000 Brazilian supporters celebrating a World Cup goal. Which is more audible? Richarlison scored Brazil’s second goal against Serbia in the sides’ first World Cup encounter on Thursday at Lusail Stadium. There were also no F-16s present.

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Brazil proceeded to captivate the stadium’s 89,000-plus spectators while roughhousing the opponents and courting fouls. The decibel levels for any of those two goals would have significantly beyond what Lusail Stadium has seen during a handful of football matches and concerts.

Brazilians adore football. So, according to the show of hands on Sunday, does the rest of the globe. This is not a secret. When murals, flags, and replica t-shirts with the names of Brazilian greats past and present appear in Kozhikode, India, and Lyari, Pakistan, you know it’s World Cup time.

Doha has now been added to that list.

The majority of the Brazil fans inside Lusail Stadium on Thursday evening were not Brazilian. Some sections of the Western media labeled them “fake fans,” but there was nothing phony about the sincerity and integrity of this group, who recognized and praised what Brazilian players had given football for decades.

Brazil is the only team to have won the World Cup five times. They finished third twice and lost two finals. The success is undoubtedly what draws the supporters to the yard… However, it is also the swag and the talents. “The way they play, oh my God, it’s beyond wonderful, the tempo, the assault, the style, it’s stunning,” Ashiq, who is from India’s Kerala state, told Al Jazeera after the enthralling exhibition on Thursday.

Before continuing, he trembled as he considered the best term to characterize the performance. “I’m not sure when I began supporting Brazil, but I’m pleased I did. It’s amazing how they keep creating players of this caliber.” Laeth from Jordan recalls when and why he began following the guys in yellow. “Brazilian Football we’ve been watching them since we were kids.” “Watching them play is really fascinating: the talent, the abilities,” he told Al Jazeera.

“Watch the second goal [Richarlison with a scissor kick following a slick display of absolute control] and you’ll understand what I mean.” No other team could possibly score a goal like that. Only one country.” Karina and Merari are two Mexican friends who have traveled to Brazilian Football Qatar for the World Cup. While their national team is still their genuine footballing passion, Carina wore the yellow of Brazil on Thursday, with both showing up to support Brazil.

OKBET Brazilian Football

“It’s because they’re part of the Americas, but it’s also because of Brazilian Football,” Carina said. “I like them because of the players, because they have star qualities.” We’re Mexicans who like football. That’s why we came to see this game,” Merari answered. The outpouring of affection from across the globe has shocked Brazilians, especially Juliana.

“It’s incredible to see how popular the squad is all across the globe,” she says. “It has an incredible influence.” Many non-OKBET Brazilian Football supported Brazil. Words cannot express how grateful we are to have such strong support for our team. It’s wonderful to see so many people rallying around Brazil.” Since 2002, Brazil has not won the World Cup. They came the closest in 2014, when they were at home.

OKBET Brazilian Football

However, memories of that semi-final will not offer the supporters much delight. Instead, they hope that the samba will bring pleasure to the desert this year.

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