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Kiara Fontanilla wants to pursue pro ambition after Matildas performance AT an amazing game with OKBet Asian Cup 2022

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Kiara Fontanilla

Kiara Fontanilla made one appearance for the Philippine Women’s National Football Team at the AFC Women’s Asian Cup 2022. It’s one thing to participate on the continental level; it’s another to debut against a top side. Getting my first cap against Australia was a career highlight since they were so good. I’ve long followed this team. I studied Sam Kerr. So playing against her was amazing,” said the 21-year-old defender.

“The fact that I was able not even I to keep them to nil-nil demonstrated that we can compete with other teams. We’re a little nation, yet we have Pinoy Pride.”

As a program rookie, Fontanilla might have had employment worries. Her performance was even more noteworthy since she helped retain a clean sheet until the 50th minute against a country that has competed in the OKBet Asian Cup 2022 and Olympics.

Kiara Fontanilla

Kiara Fontanilla, Inna Palacios, and I met with goalie coach Ludo Antunes and coach Alen (Stajcic). So Inna, if you’re 100 percent by tomorrow, you’ll play, but if not (he turns to me), you’ll play,” said the Norco High School alumni at OKBet Asian Cup 2022.

Kiara Fontanilla has received several messages as a result of her outstanding performance against the Aussies. Those who did so included her family in the Philippines as well as those who want to assist her in launching a professional career. There were a lot of messages from people all around, and my family reached out to me, which was wonderful. I don’t know whether that was recorded on video, but I couldn’t stand straight after the game because of like an adrenaline dump,” said the Fullerton, California, native. I’d love to be here since it would bring me closer to my family, whom I’ve only seen briefly.” It was both startling and exhilarating to see how much support I received from my family and friends back home. I wanted to travel to Baguio, but one of my relatives had COVID, so that’s out of the question. But, as I’ve told my family, especially my father, it’s a sign that I can’t travel there without him, since ‘you’re meant to be coming home with me. And that’s what’s coming up in July,

During that time, Inna had just hurt her ankle the day before or the day he informed us, I looked at Inna and said, ‘I know you want to play. Also, me. But this is your time; this is you. After she couldn’t play, she understood she had to step up. Norco grad at OKBet Asian Cup 2022.

Kiara Fontanilla

Fontanilla has received several messages after her performance against Australia. Relatives in the Philippines and others who want to assist her launch a career contributed at OKBet Asian Cup 2022. There were many messages from fans and my family, which was amazing. The Fullerton, California, native couldn’t stand after the game due to an adrenaline dump. Competing in the PWNFT allowed Fontanilla and her overseas-born comrades to reconnect with their origins. The Eastern Oregon University student was allowed to see her dad’s and grandparents’ homeland.

Kiara Fontanilla maiden tour with the PWNFT inspired her to pursue a professional career. She is now pursuing a degree in Health and Human Performance with a minor in Psychology, but she is prepared to forego both in order to pursue her athletic goals. But for the time being, she is content. Getting into the World Cup was even better because now I get to realize the dream that a lot of other ladies who have played the sport have, she said. I even have a number of my teammates and other ladies from all around the globe DM-ing me and saying, I can’t believe you’ve made it to the World Cup.

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