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OKBET Football World Cup 2022 | Amazing fight on How will Canada Make Group of 16 ?

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OKBET Football World Cup 2022

OKBET Football World Cup, when Canada last competed in the FIFA World Cup, the first Top Gun film was released, Freddie Mercury and Queen performed on stage for the last time, and the original Super Mario Bros. was the highest-grossing video game in the United States. It’s been a long time.

The Canadians don’t want to be a footnote at the 2022 OKBET World Cup now that they’ve returned. They want to create an impression, to make a statement. That would be getting out of the group stage, something Canada was unable to achieve in their sole World Cup campaign in 1986.

OKBET Football World Cup

So, how can Canada advance from Group F to the Group of 16? First, let’s take a look at the odds. Check out our World Cup odds and futures page or our soccer betting hub for additional 2022 World Cup betting information and odds.

World Cup Group F Odds


How Will Canada Fare in the OKBET Football World Cup?

There are three games. That’s all. Canada and the other 31 World Cup teams will play three games to determine whether they are good enough to advance to the Group of 16. Group play in Canada starts on November 23 and finishes on December 1:

  • Canada vs. Belgium: November 23 at 2 p.m. ET
  • Canada against. Croatia: November 27 at 11 a.m. ET
  • Canada vs. Morocco: December 1 at 10 a.m. ET

Canada must score enough points in the three games to finish at least second in the group and advance to the Group of 16. Going into a OKBET Football World Cup as an underdog, the conventional wisdom is that four points in the group stage – 1-1-1 – should be enough. That is not entirely correct.

Only 17 of the 33 teams who have accumulated four points in the group stages since the 1994 World Cup have qualified. With four points, 48 percent of the clubs do not qualify. It is still possible to qualify with four points, but Canada must rely on other outcomes to do it. They’ll need at least five points to really control their fate and qualify.

Although five points do not guarantee passage to the Group of 16, all 13 teams who have secured five points in the group stage have qualified. So, how is Canada going to gain five points? You might argue it was a victory and two draws. That’s great, but how do they acquire such results?

Let’s take a look at the odds and matchups once again.

World Cup Canada Game 1 Vs Belgium

Canada To Lose-400
Canada To Win+1050

A victory against Belgium is doubtful, with odds of +1050. Les Diables Rouges have a lot of momentum heading into the World Cup. They finished third in the 2018 World Cup following a 1-0 semi-final defeat to France. They did, however, defeat England 2-0 in the third-place match.

Belgium has gone 34-7-5 with a stunning +85 goal difference since finishing third in 2018. Again, victory seemed improbable. But Canada doesn’t need to win here; they only need to draw.

Since 2020, Belgium has drawn six times against Ivory Coast, Czechia, Greece, Wales (twice), and Ireland. Only Wales and Czechia are ranked higher in OKBET FIFA than Canada. As a result, comparatively inferior opponents have been able to achieve the precise result that Canada desires. How did they manage it?

Looking at each team’s initial configuration, the 3-4-3 formation is the most effective versus Belgium (to obtain a draw). It was utilized by both Ivory Coast and Ireland to earn 1-1 and 2-2 draws, respectively. That is the system that Canadian head coach John Herdman prefers and has employed to lead his team to this World Cup.

The odds of a draw are +475, thus a successful $100 bet on Canada winning this event by a single point would result in a $475 profit.

At +1800, Belgium’s Romelu Lukaku has the sixth-best World Cup Golden Boot odds.

Game 2 of the World Cup between Canada and Croatia

The odds are still stacked against Canada, but not as heavily as they are against Belgium. Croatia has 56.36 percent implied chances to win at -130, according to our odds calculator. Canada, as we’ve seen, cannot afford to lose to any of their group opponents. A victory would be nice, but a draw would suffice.

Croatia has gone 21-11-14 with a +18 goal difference since the previous World Cup. Looking carefully at that record, Croatia seldom wins handily. 13 (62%) of the 21 victories were by a single goal. Croatia has a very little margin for error. Exactly what Canadians need.

While the Canadians used a more defensively tight approach, they still put up strong attacking statistics. The Red and White lead the area in goals, assists, and goals-assists minus penalties during CONCACAF qualifying, all per 90 minutes (among teams that played at least 10 games).

Defensively, the Canadians had the fewest goals against and the third-fewest assists against in the area for any club that has played more than ten games.

With Croatia’s “ability” to keep the score tight and Canada’s strong attacking stats, at least in CONCACAF qualifications, a draw seems expected.

A successful bet on a probable draw between Croatia and Canada at +270 would result in a $270 profit.

Game 3 of the World Cup between Canada and Morocco

The market for Canada vs Morocco is now closed.

If a draw against Belgium and Croatia is the best-case scenario, then Canada must win this match against Morocco. Morocco, on the other hand, is no lightweight. They’ve only lost twice in competitive and friendly matches since 2020. Those defeats were against Egypt in the AFCON quarterfinals in January and against the United States in a friendly on June 1.

Moroccans held less of the ball on both occasions, with possession statistics of 45 percent (against Egypt) and 47 percent (vs USA). Egypt and the United States lined up in a more classic 4-3-3 formation and just pressured Morocco on and off the ball. And it was effective.

In the 3-0 defeat to the US in June, Morocco outshot the US by a factor of two (22-11) but only mustered eight attempts on goal. That refers to the US skillfully pressuring the Atlas Lions into low-risk situations where the Moroccans could only hope for the best.

To continually force the Moroccans to make unwise mistakes, Herdman will have to modify his formation (something he has done in the past to suit the opponent) to a more typical 4-4-3, like the US did in June.

Morocco ousted renowned head coach Vahid Halilhodzic a few days ago and replaced him with Walid Regragui, who is relatively inexperienced. Regragui has minimal international coaching experience, however he was Morocco’s assistant coach from September 2012 until October 2013.

The path to the Group of 16 is clear for Canada. It will be difficult, but there is a good possibility they will succeed. With +275 to qualify, their implied chances are 26.67 percent, according to our odds calculator. A $100 bet on Canada to qualify would reward you $275 plus your initial investment of $100.

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OKBET Football World Cup
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