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After the World Cup Betting, Enzo Fernandez’s passionate 2016 letter to Lionel Messi became public

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OKBET Enzo Fernandez to Messi

World Cup Betting

World Cup Betting, Lionel Messi and Enzo Fernandez both played important parts in Argentina’s World Cup victory in Qatar, just six years after Messi was asked to rethink his international retirement. Argentina’s Enzo Fernandez played with Lionel Messi as the duo won the World Cup Betting for the first time, but things might have gone quite differently for the international teammates.

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Messi scored twice in the final and once in the penalty shootout as Argentina defeated France to win the World Cup Betting in Qatar. However, he withdrew from international football in 2016 with the likelihood of never winning a title with the Albiceleste.

He was finally persuaded to alter his mind, and he returned to win the Copa America in 2021 before moving on to greater glory in 2022. Fernandez ended up playing a significant supporting role in Qatar, but back in 2016, he was just another young Argentine asking his idol to continue playing for his nation in an open letter.

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“The national team is done for me,” Messi declared after Argentina fell in the 2016 Copa America final. “I’ve done all I can. It’s painful not to be a champion.” It was the star’s third final loss in as many years, and he was still a Barcelona player at the time. Germany had defeated Argentina in the 2014 World Cup Betting final after extra time, while Messi and his teammates had lost Copa America penalty shootouts against Chile in both 2015 and 2016.

“I believe this is best for everyone,” he stated after missing the shootout in 2016. “First and first for myself, then for everyone. “I believe there’s a lot of people who want this, who clearly are not pleased, as we are not content reaching a final and not winning it. It’s a difficult choice, but it’s made. Now I’m not going to attempt anything else, and there’s no turning back.”

Fernandez was a 15-year-old at River Plate’s academy at the time. He was still a few years away from making his club debut, and senior international recognition was still a long way off. “Please don’t go, Leo,” Fernandez pleaded in a Facebook open letter in 2016, according to fifa.com. “Seeing you play with the bright blue and white is the greatest pride in the world. Stay and have a good time.”

OKBET World Cup Betting

Six years later, the couple stood on the podium together, having each won individual accolades in addition to their team’s achievement. Messi was voted tournament player of the tournament after scoring seven goals in all but one of Argentina’s games on World Cup Betting, while Fernandez was selected tournament young player of the tournament only a few weeks after making his senior Argentina debut.

OKBET World Cup Betting

The Benfica midfielder only scored once throughout the competition, but it was a significant goal. He scored with Messi in a group stage triumph against Mexico, a game in which failure would have eliminated the eventual tournament champions after only two games for the World Cup Betting.

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