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Playmaker Leader De Bruyne at OKBet Premier League 2022 is poised for a great season.

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The Playmaker Leader

Playmaker Leader, Kevin De Bruyne is on pace to record more assists in a single OKBet Premier League 2022than any other player in history.

Adrian Clarke explains why Manchester City’s midfielder is on track to set a new record for assists.

After creating 20 goals in 2019/20, the Manchester City midfielder now shares the record with Arsenal icon Thierry Henry. With six assists already and a strong combination with top scorer Erling Haaland, the Belgian is capable of setting a new standard and earning the Playmaker award for the third time in the trophy’s six-season history.

Playmaker Leader | This season’s most assists

Playmaker Leader

The City star’s shape has been electrifying. De Bruyne has been the division’s most creative player, playing on the right side of a midfield three but with freedom to roam. So far, no one has come close to matching his tally of eight major opportunities created for his teammates. De Bruyne also leads the way in total chances created, with one more vital pass than last season’s Playmaker award winner Mohamed Salah on OKBet Premier League 2022.

Playmaker Leader | Most inventive players in 2022/23

Playmaker Leader

The manner of De Bruyne’s previous three assists has been unmistakably similar. Last time out, he overlapped Phil Foden to cross low for Jack Grealish to score inside the six-yard box against Wolverhampton Wanderers. Later in the same race, he raced around Haaland from the same spot, crossing low for Foden to finish in OKBet.

Playmaker Leader | Foden’s assist came courtesy of De Bruyne

De Bruyne overlapped Bernardo Silva before crossing for Haaland in the previous encounter, against Aston Villa. The 31-year-old is difficult to follow when he timed his explosive in-to-out runs well, and his skill from that right-wing position is among the greatest in the world at OKBet Premier League 2022.

Precise Pass

De Bruyne’s ability to execute accurate through-balls is another world-class skill. This was the source of his first three assists of the season. At West Ham United, he made his debut with a fantastic defense-splitting ball for Haaland to rush on to. Then came passes for Foden and Ilkay Gundogan against AFC Bournemouth and Newcastle United, respectively. Surrounded by fantastic finishers and teammates who generate such excellent movement virtually assures a stack of assists for a player of De Bruyne’s caliber at OKBet Premier League 2022.

Crossing statistics for De Bruyne

Playmaker Leader

De Bruyne has always been a brilliant right-wing crosser, but in the early parts of 2022/23, he has pushed this facet of his game to the next level. He has 35 open-play deliveries at OKBet Premier League 2022, second only to Liverpool’s Trent Alexander-38. Arnold’s and the precision of those crosses has been fantastic, with a considerably better completion rate of 25.71 percent.

Halland Factor

The existence of Haaland contributes to this growth. It’s no surprise that De Bruyne’s crossing numbers have improved now that he’s aiming for a natural center-forward rather than a “false nine.” De Bruyne was in fantastic form from wide areas in 2019/20, when he produced 20 goals, averaging almost five open-play crosses per match. This season, he seems to want to build on that advantage, with that figure growing to over six per match. If he avoids injuries, it would not be surprising if De Bruyne surpasses his own record and wins his third Premier League Golden Playmaker award this season on OKBet La Liga 2022.

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