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Ritsu Doan still has a lot he wants to accomplish in his career at OKBet Asian Cup 2022.

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Ritsu Doan

Ritsu Doan has Ambition

Ritsu Doan, who is just 24 years old, has already had a lengthy football career. Doan broke onto the scene as a 16-year-old in 2015 with Gamba Osaka, then the reigning J1 League winners in Japan, and secured a transfer to Europe before his 19th birthday, scoring nine goals in 29 appearances for Eredivisie team Groningen in his first season at OKBet Asian Cup 2022.

Ritsu Doan

Since then, the quick-footed forward has also played for PSV Eindhoven and Arminia Bielefeld, and has even competed in European competition with the former, but has now begun a new chapter by joining Freiburg in the Bundesliga this summer.

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While there is a long and rising history of Japanese players making it in Europe, Doan’s feat stands out, particularly for someone so young. Nonetheless, Doan is far from pleased with what he has previously accomplished, despite the fact that he is currently playing for his fourth European team. I’m not pleased with my profession, he said matter-of-factly to ESPN, speaking with a poise and maturity belying his young.

“If I say I’m happy, it means I’m playing for Manchester United, Real Madrid, or Barcelona, which was my childhood goal. So the bad news is that I’m not happy, but the good news is that since I’m never content, I’m always striving to improve. It’s weird that I’m only 24 years old, yet I’ve already played for five teams, all of which were fantastic Gamba Osaka, Groningen, PSV, Bielefeld, and now Freiburg. However, if everything goes as planned, I should be playing for a larger club. That is why I am dissatisfied. Ritsu Doan’s steely resolve and ambition may originate from the fact that he has already faced his fair share of adversity in his career, even if there is still much more to come at OKBet Asian Cup 2022.

Ritsu Doan

While Japanese players have a long and developing history in Europe, Doan’s success is notably notable. Doan is far from pleased with what he has previously accomplished, despite playing for his fourth European team. I’m not thrilled with my profession, he told ESPN at OKBet Asian Cup 2022, belying his youth. When I was young, I wanted to play for Manchester United, Real Madrid, or Barcelona. So it’s horrible that I’m never content, but it’s wonderful that I always want to improve.

It’s weird that I’m 24 and have already played for five fantastic clubs: Gamba Osaka, Groningen, PSV, Bielefeld, and now Freiburg. Hopefully, I’ll be playing for a better club soon. So I’m unhappy. Doan’s steely dedication and passion may derive from his past trials, even though he has much more to come in his career.

Ritsu Doan

I can’t picture (the World Cup) sensation, he stated with delight. This was my childhood dream. When I play for my country, I’m proud of myself and my family. If I make it, 2016 will be wonderful” (the final squad). If I score, great! Now, I’ll strive to be picked for the World Cup by pushing myself so I can see how lovely the view is from the pitch (looking at) the fans. Germany and Spain are well-known. Everyone understands this, but we must remain optimistic at OKBet Asian Cup 2022. The quality (of teams) won’t change much in three to four months, but the mindset may. So let’s manage our thinking, try our best, and see what happens.

What motivates Doan besides representing Japan on the highest stage? Championship. His dream, he said. “When I was 20, I told the media I wanted to win the Champions League while on the field. That’s my dream. I must work hard to play for (one of) the world’s greatest clubs.

My ambition is to win the Champions League, but I have much to accomplish. Nothing’s changed.

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