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A Look Back at the Past Five FIVB Men’s World Champion Winners

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A Look Back at the Past Five FIVB Men's World Champion Winners

The FIVB (Fédération Internationale de Volleyball) is the umbrella organization for volleyball on a global scale. The organization holds a global tournament every four years to determine the men’s world champion. Many great teams have triumphed over the years to win this prestigious international volleyball tournament.

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In recognition of the sport’s rising profile, we’ll look back at these incredible winners, discussing everything from their records and performances to the unique backstories that make each squad special. Let’s examine the recent six champions, how they won, and who played a big role.

2022 – Italy

Italy won the volleyball world championship for the first time in 24 years at last year’s tournament. The Azzurri were the best volleyball team in the world from 1990 to 1998, winning three straight world championships. However, the best the Italians could do between 2010 and 2022 was make it to the semifinals once.

But that trend ended in 2015, when Italy stormed to victory. They advanced to the final against the other tournament co-host, Poland, after knocking off Cuba, France, and Slovenia in the semifinals. The Italians won 3-1 despite the fact that Poland was the clear favorite to win at home.

2018 – Poland

Poland won their second consecutive World Cup in 2018. The competition took place in Italy and Bulgaria, but the Poles still came out on top, solidifying their position as the best volleyball team in the world. They won every single game in Group D and advanced to the championship round.

2018 – Poland

There, a semifinal victory over the United States (in a close 3-2 match) would set up a championship match against Brazil, who had appeared in the finals of the previous five Volleyball World Championships. But even Italy couldn’t stop Poland from winning 3-0 at home.

It was a historic moment for Poland’s captain Michal Kubiak, who also took home tournament most valuable player honors. Bartosz Kurek, who also played a major role in Poland’s success throughout the tournament and won awards for best scorer and best blocker, was another tournament standout.

2014 – Poland

It had been forty years since Poland last won a World Championship, but that changed in 2014. The Polish victory over the Soviet Union in Mexico in 1974 was especially sweet because, at the time, Poland was still technically a part of the Soviet Union. Forty years to the day after their first victory, they repeated their success on familiar ground.

FIVB 2018 – Poland

Host nation dominated Pool A by winning every match. This allowed them to advance to Pool H, where they went on to sweep Brazil and Russia. In that case, the Germans would have advanced to the semi-finals, but the home team won 3-1.

Proud holders of the title of “World Champions” Brazil held a position of anticipation in the championship game. After beating the Seleço in the second round, Poland won the final in Katowice by a score of 3-1. This season, MVP honors went to Mariusz Wlazy, while best MB went to Karol Kos.

2010 – Brazil

Brazil won 3-2 over Cuba in Rome, capping off a historic three-peat. They are only the second nation ever to sweep all three World Championships. Before Brazil’s dominance began, the hosts Italy won three straight championships, from 1990 to 1998.

2010 – Brazil

With outstanding play throughout the tournament, Murilo Endres was able to help lead his team to victory and earn the tournament’s most valuable player award. There were many other notable Brazilian volleyball players who contributed to the team’s historic run, including Sidnei dos Santos.

2006 – Brazil

With a 3-0 victory over Poland in Tokyo, Brazil won their second straight World Cup. Gilberto Godoy Filho was the tournament’s standout player, as evidenced by his multiple MVP and Best Server awards. Dante Amaral and Anderson Rodrigues were also crucial members of Brazil’s championship team, especially in the semi-final 3-1 victory over Serbia and Montenegro.


The FIVB Men’s World Championship has seen some great teams triumph over the years, and recent champions have demonstrated a high level of skill, determination, and teamwork. Italy, Poland, and Brazil have all had dominant runs in recent years, with Poland winning two championships in a row and Brazil achieving a historic three-peat. The rise in volleyball’s popularity in Europe and South America mirrors the development of other fields and activities, such as OKBET Sports Betting and crypto casinos. As the sport continues to grow and attract new fans, we can look forward to even more thrilling competitions and new champions emerging.

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